Longer visa exemption extensions begin August 29, 2014

July 22, 2014 Visa Information

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Longer visa exemption extensions begin August 29, 2014

Originally posted on 22nd july 2014| Original Link

The Immigration Bureau has announced that of August 29. 2014 you will be able to extend your visa exemption period whilst you’re in Thailand by 30 days, instead of the current 7 days, giving a total visa-exemption stay of 60 days. The fee for extension of stay is 1,900 Baht (unchanged).
Currently, a visa exemption entry can be extended by 7 days at your nearest Immigration office. From August 29th, it can be extended by 30 days. In effect, you can be in the country without a visa for 60 days.
Also – the Commander of Immigration has removed the proposed lifetime ban for overstaying 10 years. Thaivisa will publish the new, more lenient rules shortly.
The Immigration Commander has also stated that immigration are working to ensure that the new rules are being standardized at both immigration checkpoints and immigration offices nationwide.
If you are traveling on visa-exempt or with a tourist visa, bring these documents for your extension:
1. Your onward flight ticket or eTicket out of Thailand within the 30 days
2. Minimum 10,000 Baht, or rather 20,000 Baht
3. Hotel booking confirmation – and if you have it, your itinerary
4. One photo, passport sized.
5. Application fee, 1,900 Baht
It is not clear whether after 29th August this will still be an automatic refusal stamp with 30 days to leave, or whether the procedure will be changed and you will instead be granted an extension of 30 days.
Thaivisa News thanks the Immigration HQ in Bangkok for these updates. We are expecting more updates in the coming days and weeks. Thaivisa News is due to meet up with the Immigration Commander and his staff next week for a longer interview. Watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for the latest Immigration updates.
In addition to Thaivisa was able to get this info confirmed direct with the Immigration Bureau, we also thank Thaivisa member and freelance journalist Scott Mallon in Bangkok for supplying us with this video explaining the news in Youtube video format:


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